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Saturday 15th of December 2018
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2.0 Movie Review : Over-hyped or Rajini Magic- Shankar Style

2.0 Movie Review : 2.0 has the plot structure of a typical Shankar movie. He used his pet theme – a wronged individual getting revenge on the people who ruined his life. The director gives us a film that is part sci-fi, part horror, part vigilante movie and part special effects spectacle.

2.0 Movie Review

The plot of 2.0 feels very familiar. There is no mystery in the supernatural occurances. The entire first half forces the audience to watch the mandatory flashback involving Akshay Kumar’s character. Even the flashback doesn’t hit hard on the emotional scale like Indian and Gentleman made us feel. There is a compelled sense of just going through the motions in the first half.

But plot is not the reason that people watch Shankar’s films. It is the grand canvas in which the director mounts his oft-told stories that make us look forward to his films. And 2.0 Movie Review completely satisfies that desire. In the first half, we get some striking visuals – mobile phones crawling on the road, a forest of glowing phones, a monstrous bird that crackles with energy, etc. There are visual nods to Hollywood films like Aliens, Terminator 2 and even Ghostbusters.

2.0 Movie Review : And yet despite Rajini’s presence, the 2.0 movie is missing something unexplicable. We get an extravagent clash between Chitti and the giant bird but that’s it. Barring a reference to the famous dialogue from Nayakan, the lines are hardly momorable. Unlike its predecessor, the film doesn’t find a way to inject humour and inventiveness into its proceedings. Even the sub-plot involving the son of the previous villain is underdeveloped and underwhelming.

It is only with the entry of 2.0, which happens a little late than it should have, that the film gets some much-needed energy. As he did in the first film, Rajinikanth digs into this role with his inimitable style and performs fabulously. Akshay Kumar is also a solid presence as the antagonist.


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Movie Review ‘Tigers Is Based On A True Story!’

The story of the movie Tigers is set in Pakistan where an employee of a huge brand discovers that the milk powder which this brand is selling is making thousands of kids die. Tigers is based on a true story of a simple Pakistani guy and seeing Emraan Hashmi playing a role like this s a delight for his fans and people in general. This is because the honesty with which the actor has played his part will definitely keep you invested in the flick. When this guy discovers the harsh truth about this international brand, he questions himself what needs to be done. He asks himself whether would it be enough to change his job and work with homegrown Pakistani brand or should he put the issue in the media and public domain. The latter idea is, of course going to take everything away from him but he decides to do so.

Movie Review : Tigers is based on a true story


movie Tigers is based on a true story and is awesome flick


It is not a movie which will show how a common man takes down a big brand by the power of truth and good intentions. It is about the decision and struggle of a regular citizen at such quagmire. The story and the visuals are shot in the most realistic manner which will show how a regular Pakistani man endangers not only himself but the life of his family and aging parents as well. Since the movie Tigers is based on a true story, it will make you glue to your seats. The brand in question was NESTLE when this happened (in a true context). A simple google search will give you the whole information about this incident which happened in 1994.


movie Tigers is based on a true story of Paistan


The movie Tigers is based on a true story where this man with his clan becomes tied in such a hard situation that he comes across a time where he needs to leave his homeland and run for shelter. Whom does he turn to and what he does is answered beautifully in this flick! Even the film is talking about ‘Pakistan’, there is an awesome nationalism angle to it.

The authorities of the country do not help him even after this man is trying hard to do good for his country, even then the man does not make us think that ‘it is his homeland’ which is at fault. That is the kind of unconditional love that the man has for his nation and this nationalism angle is worth applauding.

The movie Tigers is based on a true story which brings on the surface many layers. One of the scenes which shows even the helpful NGO workers hide the crucial truth during the investigation. What could be the reason behind such an action? This is what the flick will show you and will make you encounter all of what happens in the society in such cases. The director of the movie, Danny Huston (an Oscar winner) has weaved the movie so accurately and naturally that you will feel the helplessness that this man has gone through. The movie is available on ZEE5,


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Gear Up For Hilarious Watch This October Wth ‘Badhaai Ho’

It is really interesting when Bollywood filmmakers make a movie on a taboo subject to give a message to society regarding freedom from stigmas. The only thing that kills the expected impact of such films is when they are made in a way that seems like ‘labored lectured’.
After all, we are Indians with a lot of variations but one thing that the whole country expects from our film industry is comedy movies. It becomes double fun when it has some hidden message in it which later liberates the society.
To cover all of the above-written demands of movie-buffs, a film called Badhaai Ho is going to hit theatres in Octobers whose trailer has been recently launched. Watch the trailer below:

The movie has Ayushman Khurana, Sanya Malhotra, Neena Gupta and Gajraj Rao in the main role. The trailer shows that Ayushman, who is of marriageable age gets a news that her mother is pregnant. This turns his life upside down but in a funny way.

The preview clip of the movie also displays the reactions that other family members have. This has left the people into splits. The grandma, Ayushman’s girlfriend, his brother and society, each and everyone have their own opinions which are really funny and evokes genuine laughs.

badhaai ho movie

The good thing about the movie is its subject. Even in real life, we see that there is a lot of hush-hush and taboo when parents of young children have an active sex life. In many societies, it is considered immoral and even unacceptable. This dark comedy will hopefully take the mental level of people to some improved level.

The other interesting factor is that it is been a while that people have been looking forward to some comedy movie from our Bollywood and finally, Badhaai Ho has happened. Hope this movie brings a lot of positive change.

Movie Review of Mitron

We will begin the movie review of Mitron by its poster where Kritika Kamra is standing with a trash can in her hand and three men with their heads in their hands in a clumsy position. After watching the movie there is only one thing that the audience would probably ask themselves and that is ‘what was that poster about?’.

Nitin Kakkar has taken a Telegu movie named Pelli Choopulu and has made a scene by scene recreation of this film named Mitron. The film is set in the backdrop of Gujarat. This is a story of a boy who is always criticized by his father because of the failures in his life. This role is played by Jackie Bhagnani. This particular boy is broke, a failed engineer has been fired from a job of call center and is in search of the girl for an arranged marriage.

movie review of Mitron by best writer

Like other cliche Bollywood stories, this movie review of Mitron will also tell you that the particular girl the protagonist meets is going to be the leading lady of the film. Kriti Kamra plays this role who is ten on ten on looks but lacks when it comes to acting performance.

When both of them meet they tell them about their past lives which is shown as flashbacks in the flick. Together they start a food truck, then the boy messes up, then they part ways and then meet again etc. All these are so poorly sequenced that it is too much to handle.

In this movie review of Mitron, we would also like to highlight the fact that the backstory of the boy has all the characters and space that is needed. But when it comes to the backstory of a girl, she just has one character as her ex-boyfriend and nothing else. This is another reason the audience would not be able to connect with the character of the female protagonist in this movie.

moview review of Mitron and Kritika Kmara

At one point it seems that the movie is going to be about the pressure that parents give to children for getting married. But no, within minutes of this idea, audience will quickly learn that this flick is not going to be loyal to any genre and then the movie derails completely as it holds the track of cliche Bollywood ending.

In the end, this movie review of Mitron will just ask one more question which says ‘what was the point of portraying the leading man as a Gujarati when there is no glimpse of Gujarati food or language’? The movie is a waste of time.

Har Har Gange Brings The Reminiscent Of Jai Ganga Maiyya From Doordarshan

The new song from the movie ‘Batti Gul Meter Chalu’ is being embraced by people from all age groups. The recently released song called ‘Har Har Gange’ features Shahid Kapoor and Shraddha Kapoor lamenting the loss of a dear one. Words like ‘palat ke phir na aani, boli baat aur Ganga ka pani’ will fill your heart with all the forgotten lessons of life which you have been taught through the folklore.

The way the river ‘Ganges’ and the hilly area have been captured by the camera is filled with so much heft that it will definitely choke your neck and will brim your eye with tears. To top it all, Arijit Singh’s lilting voice has gone an extra mile to do justice and to make the listeners immerse in the rituals and religious importance which this river hold.  The ‘Ganga Aarti’, ‘Ganga Dussehra’, ‘Ganga Snaan’, ‘The Last Rights Of Ashes’ and each and everything will cross your mind when you will hear this new ditty. Watch the song here.

Going further, what has actually attracted people about the song is that it has all the attractions which a genuine religious song has. How can we forget to mention the old DD Sagar ‘He Ganga Maiyya’ song which used to be featured as an opening score of the serial ‘Jai Ganga Maiyya’. It used to be a hit mythological TV show during the 90s and used to be telecast on Doordarshan.

This new song based on the enigma, charm, purity and religious importance of Ganga recalls the memory which people who remember the era of 90s have.  The ‘He Ganga Maiyya’ song had lyrics which recites the Vedic teachings celebrating the facts how people receive salvation upon taking the dip in holy water, how mother ‘Ganga’ helps everyone in distress etc. These things are also present are also present in the new ‘Har Har Gange’ track.

Other similarities include the Puja performed at Ganga’s bank, people taking bath in the holy water and many others. The only difference in both of these songs is the tonality.

Moreover, the old one celebrates the power of the Ganges in an enthusiastic way and the new one uncovers the truth of death to a large extent. Even after the stark tonal dissimilarity, both Har Har Gange and Hey Ganga Maiyya have many similarities which can make you drowned in spirituality at least for some time.

Aiyaary : A lacklusture movie with Manoj Bajpayee carrying the film on his shoulders.

– Ashwal Singh (New Delhi)


AIYAARY STORY: An Indian Army officer is obliged to track down his protege when the latter swindles and intimidates to obstruct the country’s government and army.



AIYAARY REVIEW: ‘Aiyaary’ has all the elements of a Neeraj Pandey flick. The honorable and conscientious officer Colonel Abhay Singh (Manoj Bajpayee) leads covert operations with the best of his unit. Things go downhill for him and his task force when Sidharth Malhotra’s Jai Bakshi – the sharpest in his unit – goes rogue. Abhay Singh has to tail him down while defending everything he believes in.

Like every other Neeraj Pandey flick, this movie also relies on strong character actors, which makes up the core element of the film. As presumed , the always reliable Manoj Bajpayee gives another satiating performance as an abiding officer bound by duty. He is the epicenter of the film and is believable as a man capable of going to great lengths to complete the task at hand. Although his intent to take down his own protege is clear, his intent while chasing Jai Bakshi is concrete.



Which leads us to Sidharth Malhotra, who is playing an officer who becomes disatisfied by the system he has sworn to protect. He brings a definite poise to Jai Bakshi, and is arguably compelling as a soldier whose skills put him one step ahead of his superiors. Rakul Preet Singh does brings a certain charm to her role gets reduced just as Jai’s love interest. Thankfully, their romance is not overstreched. Pooja Chopra has a promising start to her character Maya but her role is shortened to play a loyalist to Abhay Singh. Pandey’s favorites – Anupam Kher as Tariq Ali are underutilized and could have got better screen time. Although Naseeruddin Shah’s Baburao absent for the most part of the movie but he becomes relevant at a crucial point, where he makes up for his absence. Unfortunately, it comes a little too late in the film.



‘Aiyaary’ has a few mundane scenes that are too stretched and don’t contribute much to further the story or add to the characters. The complexity of the plot allows for some detailed portrayal, but the screenplay goes exorbitant and loses its pace. The film could have made a far more binding watch with sharp editing and minus of all the over hyped entries and exits. Those looking for thrilling Neeraj Pandey twists will be left a little disappointed but ‘Aiyaary’ has given various performances that echo louder than its bombastic score which alone make it a worthwhile watch.


Rating: 2.5/5


Watch the trailer here if you haven’t watched it yet:

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