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Saturday 15th of December 2018
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Asus ROG Smartphone Launched in India : Is It The Best Gaming Phone?

The Asus ROG Smartphone was released earlier this year in an event but officially in India it has been released just a few days back. Many youtubers have been posting the unboxing of the phone. Seeing that into the picture, the Asus ROG( Republic of Gamers) is a pretty well built one. It is a fully packed gaming phone. Let’s get straight into its specifications and what makes it different from other smartphones.

Asus ROG Smartphone Specifications

Asus ROG smartphone

Asus ROG smartphone has a 6.0 inch Amoled display which is a 90hz display just below the 120hz display of the Razor phone. It runs in Android 8.1 oreo and has a glassy back. It has a separate  port on the right side where we see the power button. To this port we can connect the other accessories like the vapour cooling device which keeps the processor cooled up.

You can even connect a charging port and play without risking battery life. There is a 4000 Mah battery with a 30W qualcomm quick charge 4.0

Asus ROG smartphone has regular cameras. It has dual rear cameras of 12+8 megapixels with a front facing camera of 8 megapixels. It had 8Gb Ram with 128 Gb storage and the snapdragon 845 processor. It has a square shaped fingerprint sensor.

Asus ROG Smartphone Price

Asus ROG smartphone comes at a price of Rs 70000. The phone is deserving of that price. If you want you can view the unboxing of the phone on Geeky Ranjit or Technical Guruji’s channel.


Seeing that Pubg is in style this Asus ROG smartphone has been built to play it very well. There are even supersonic air triggers which help you in shooting without touching the screen. It also have the squeeze effect. If you squeeze your smartphone you can perform several function on it. There are a ton of accessories coming separately sold with the phone. The one you will get is the Vapour cooling which cools the processor. A device is there which will make you feel like you are playing pubg using a gameboy.


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Realme U1 finally launched officially with accessories: Is it as good as rumored?

Realme U1 finally launched – The Realme U1 has been the talk of the mobile community. The previous Realms mobiles have all been a superhit which has made the anticipation to the next level. Is the hype worth it. We are going to find out in this blog.

Realme U1 finally launched See Specifications

Realme U1

The Realme U1 finally launched, it has a 6.2 inch full Hd+ screen with a notch. It has an IPS LCD screen which has sharp colors. It runs on Android 8.1 oreo and has the color os 5.1. A big improvement is that there is one swipe notifications on the Realme U1.

It comes in two variants: 3Gb Ram and 4Gb Ram. In the camera department it has the 25 megapixel front camera which is one of the main highlights of the device. In the rear camera department it has the same dual rear cameras of 13+2 megapixels. Realme U1 finally launched, It has the Mediatek P70 which has made the camera experience to the next level. The performance as per youtubers is greater than the snapdragon 660 both in multitasking and performance. It has both face unlock and fingerprint sensor.


Realme U1 finally launched : Along with the Realme U1 Madhav Seth, the Ceo of  Realme also released the Realme U1 Ultra case and the Realme buds which are both priced at Rs 500 and will be available on Amazon. The ohone is also going to be an Amazon exclusive.


Realme U1 finally launched : The pricing is pretty aggressive too. The 3Gb Ram model is available at Rs 11,999 while the 4Gb ram model is priced at Rs14,499 which certainly seems overpriced in our opinion. If you are pricing one smartphone at Rs 12000 and in increasing 1Gb Ram and 32Gb storage you have increased 2500Rs price no one will go for that.


The phone itself is a masterpiece. If the phone has been more aggressively priced, things would have gone to the next level. But we should see


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Vivo Y95 Launched with New Snapdragon Processor : Here’s full specifications

Vivo has launched the Vivo Y95 after the successful runs of Vivo Y91 and Y93. The phone comes with many new features. Let’s go straight ahead and see to them.

Box Contents

  • Vivo Y95
  • Headset
  • Usb Cable
  • Fiber cover
  • 5V 2A charger
  • Quick start guide
  • Sim eSim ejector tool

Vivo Y95 Specifications

Vivo Y95

It features a 6.2 inch LCD HD+ screen with a resolution of 720×1520 pixels. It has the famous waterdrop notch and looks fully classic. Vivo Y95 runs on android oreo 8.1 and has 4Gb Ram and 64Gb of storage.

Vivo Y95 runs on the latest snapdragon 439 processor which is clocked at clocked at 1.9 Ghz. It has a 4030 Mah battery. In the camera department it has the 13+2 megapixels dual rear camera as well as the front facing camera of 20 megapixels for selfies. It has both face unlock as well as a fast fingerprint sensor. It has the funtouch Os 4.5

Vivo Y95 Price

Coming onto the price, you might not be much impressed to know that this phone Vivo Y95 has been priced at Rs 16,990. Yes!! It will sell in India at this price itself.


At less than this price you are getting the snapdragon 660 processor in the Realme 2, same Ram and storage variant and will also save a good 2000 Rs. At this price even the Redmi note 6 pro is worth a better choice. The 4Gb variant with a pretty good quad camera is available at Rs 13,999.

One day, Vivo launches price effective smartphone like the Vivo V11 and Vivo V11 pro which even though has the inbuilt fingerprint sensor, costs just Rs 25,999 whereas this smartphone having nothing is priced at Rs 17000.

In our opinion this smartphone is a truly not buyable one and you should save your money for better upcoming smartphones like the Asus Zenfone Max Pro M2 and the Realme U1 which are both going to be priced below this Rs 17000 mark and you can truly believe that.


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Huawei Mate 20 pro Indian launch date revealed: Here’s full details!

The Huawei Mate 20 pro is the new flagship smartphone which just blowed every tech-tuber’s mind with its unbelievable speed and all its features. Indian people who want to buy the smartphone, the wait is over as the smartphone will be launching on 27th of November. Let’s take a look at what the Huawei Mate 20 pro smartphone features.

Huawei Mate 20 Pro Specifications


Huawei Mate 20 Pro Specifications


The phone comes with a 6.3 inch OLED display with a notch. It has the latest Android Pie and runs on EMUI. It features a triple rear camera setup and has the ultra wide mode. The cameras are Leica cameras which are somewhat more trusted and have better quality. Huawei Mate 20 pro has the camera setup of 40+20+8 megapixels.

The front facing camera is of 24 megapixels. The phone has a battery of 4200Mah and has the reverse wireless charging feature in which your friend can charge his phone through your Huawei Mate 20 pro. It is the first phone to feature the Kirin 980 processor having unlimited speed like. The speed is faster than Iphone’s new Xs Max.

It features 6Gb Ram and 128Gb storage. The phone has a fingerprint as well as a face unlock with Infrared rays.

Huawei Mate 20 Pro Price

The expected price of this  smartphone in India is Rs 76000 which is pretty fair considering the godlike specifications on this smartphone. Huawei Mate 20 pro smartphone has a better battery and speed than the iphone Xs max and is priced at half than what Apple is charging. You are also getting a 40W charger inside the pack while Apple only offers 5W charger.

Huawei Mate 20 Pro Release date

The smartphone released 27th November 2018.


Huawei Mate 20 pro is one of the best current smartphone. Yep, there are going to be much better ones in the future but the speed at which technology is upgrading frightens us to what is to see in the future. The upcoming foldable Samsung phone and many other phones tells us that this is the era of smartphones.


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Realme U1 full specifications and prices leak before launch!!!

Realme U1 is an upcoming smartphone to be released on 28th of november. It is termed as the Selfie King smartphone and will be the first smartphone on the planet to feature the Mediatek Helio p70 chipset. The Helio P70 is a pretty fast chipset and has 14% improvement in speed than the Mediatek helio P60. Also, it has the technology through which you can see your joints moving. It shapes your joints. You can see the video posted by Sharmaji Technical. recently whole leaks about the smartphone ahve been discovered. let’s take a look at them.

Realme U1 Specifications (Confirmed)

Realme U1

Realme U1 will have a 6.2 inch Full Hd+ screen with a notch. It will run on Android oreo 8.1 and will have the Helio P70 as mentioned above. It will come in two variants or might be even three. The first 2 variants are 3Gb Ram+32Gb storage and 4Gb Ram + 64Gb storage. The 6Gb Ram variant is not confirmed.

Realme U1 – The dual rear cameras are not of very good wuality. They will be 13+2 megapixels. The 13 megapixel sensor will be of f2.2 aperture. The front facing camera will be of 25 megapixels with f2.0. It will feature full AI functions and those too which haven’t been seen yet in any smartphones till now. The battery will be of 3500 Mah but won’t have the Vooc charging as rumored.

Realme U1 Price

The price on the smartphone Realme U1 for the base 3Gb Ram variant is going to be Rs10,990. Yes, this will be a revolution and it is going to happen. The 4Gb Ram model will be available at Rs 12,990. Additionally there will be HDFC debit/credit card offers too. Thank God that a company like Samsung or Vivo is not launching the Helio P70 in a smartphone. They would have priced the same at Rs15000 or above.


The smartphone is certainly an improvement over the Realme 2. No doubt that it will become more famous than any Realme product has been till now. The Realme U1 phone launches 28th November and will be an Amazon Exclusive.


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Honor 8C Smartphone Full Specifications : Is it the new budget king?

Honor 8C smartphone was launched in the month of October in china. It is going to be released soon in India and will become an Amazon Exclusive. The smartphone certainly have a really good appeal to it due to its sucessful predecessor Honor 7C. Let’s take a look at its specifications.

Honor 8C Smartphone full specifications

Honor 8C full specifications

The Honor 8C smartphone has a 6.26 inch Hd+ LCD screen with a resolution of 720×1520 pixels. It has a notch like the Realme 2. It features the Android Oreo and has 4Gb of Ram and 32Gb of storage. It comes powered  by the snapdragon 632 SoC which is a 1.8Ghz processor. It is a faster processor than the 625 as well as the 630 chipset. The phone has a fingerprint as well as the face unlock feature.

In the camera department we have dual rear cameras of 13 megapixel (f1.8) + 2 megapixel secondary camera. The front camera is of 8 megapixels and is said to support AI features overall. Both the cameras are said to have many editing features and have impressive shutter speed. It has a 4000Mah battery. For people who love to play games in their smartphones, their is a dedicated game mode which frees ram space and boosts the game speed.


The price of the Honor 8C smartphone for the base version of 4Gb Ram + 32 Gb storage is going to be Rs 11,800. Approx Rs12000 and for the 4Gb Ram + 64Gb storage is going to be Rs 15,000.


Frankly, this is a better choice than the Redmi Note 6 pro. This way you will be saving 2000 bucks as well as enjoying the same 1.8Ghz processor. The Honor 8C smartphone has the same battery as that of redmi Note 6 pro. The display is light i.e. not full HD+ which is a con. Nowadays many smartphones in the budget range are having the full Hd+ screen, like the Realme 2 pro. Be smart and careful with your choice of smartphone.


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Honor 10 Lite announced : Best Mid-Range Smartphone After Realme 2 Pro

Honor, the sub-brand of Huawei has been producing some of the best mid-range smartphone of recent times. See, the Huawei Mate 20 pro. Now, they have announced a Best mid-range smartphone which as per its sepcifications is highly underpriced. It is named as the Honor 10 lite. Let’s take a look at its specifications.

Honor 10 lite, Best mid-range Smartphone Specifications

Honor 10 Lite Announced, Best Mid-Range Smartphone, It features a 6.21 inch Full Hd+ screen with a dewdrop notch. It has the Kirin 710 processor. It runs on Android 9 pie and latest Emui. It comes in two Ram variants. 4Gb Ram + 64Gb storage and 6Gb Ram +128 Gb storage. It has both fingerprint as well as facial recognition.

In the camera department it has 13+2 megapixel dual rear camera setup which are AI supported cameras. It has a front facing camera of 24 megapixels. Thus it has a good selfie camera. It has a graphite design on its back. It features a 3400Mah battery. It does come with fast charging support.

Honor 10 lite Price

For the 4Gb Ram + 64Gb variant it is priced at Rs 14,370. If released in India, the phone will be priced at Rs14000 approx. The 6Gb Ram +64Gb variant costs Rs 16000 approx.


Kirin 710 is a very fast and pretty new processor. It will enable playing of any game from Candy Crush to Pubg. Honor 10 Lite Announced, Best Mid-Range Smartphone, The best thing about the mobile the good front camera and the fast processor with a pretty decent and aggressive pricing.

Honor 10 Lite Announced, Best Mid-Range Smartphone, If compared with Realme 2 pro, it had the snapdragon 660 and a front facing camera of 16 megapixels. The Honor 10 lite will be a good competition for the Realme 2 pro. Both phones have good designs. Both have decent cameras and dual rear camera setup too.

The one thing in which the Honor 10 lite succeeds the Realme 2 pro is the Android Os. Honor 10 lite directly bring Pie while Realme 2 pro wont get the update till the 2nd quarter of 2019.

Realme U1 to be the first smartphone in the world featuring Mediatek Helio P70

Realme has taken India by storm producing such good quality products at a really low price. We all know that Mediatek Helio P60 was the processor which helped Realme 1 to be such a good mobile. It is a really fast mobile which has boosted gaming experience and much more in a budget mobile phone. As per official confirmation from Madhav Jha, the CEO of Realme himself, it has come forward that Realme is going to be the first company to be using Mediatek Helio P70 chipset in their mobile. The mobile is going to be named Realme U1 and it is going to be a camera centric mobile.

Realme U1 Specifications(unofficial)

Realme U1

Like all Realme mobile phones Realme U1 eill have a 6.3 inch display which is going to be Full Hd+. It might or might not have a notch but it certainly seems that Realme will not release a mobile without a notch. It will ofcourse be featuring the Mediatek Helio P70.

One official confirmation is that it will have a selfie camera of 25 megapixels. The dual rear cameras are not being promoted so much. This means they might be the traditional 13+2 megapixels. As per some reports the Realme U1 will not have a very high battery backup. It might be having the battery upto Realme 2 pro i.e. 3500 Mah. The Helio p70 certainly does support fast charging but there is no fast charger bundled inside.  It might not be launched in the 3Gb Ram variant. The starting might be from 4Gb Ram.

Realme U1 Price

Like all Realme mobiles this phone is also expected to be aggressively priced. The starting variant of 4Gb Ram and 64Gb variant should cost not much more than Rs12,990 or Rs 13,990.

Realme U1 Release date

It has been officially confirmed that realme will be releasing the Realme U1 on 28th of November. It should certainly be seen that Realme is releasing really good quality products in really less time. Well, that is why they are climbing to the top of the ladder in terms of sales of mobiles in India.

Comparing the Redmi Note 5 pro and Redmi Note 6 pro.

Redmi Note 5 pro and Redmi Note 6 pro are two smartphones made by Xiaomi. Redmi Note 5 pro was the most successful of their mobiles, being praised by both, the audiences and the critics. The Redmi Note 6 pro is going to be released in the Indian market on 22nd november. Before the release let’s get straight some facts! Is The Redmi Note 6 pro a worthy upgrade over the Redmi Note 5 pro or did Xiaomi is just releasing it for the heck of it.

Comparing the Redmi Note 5 pro and Redmi Note 6 pro


Last year Xiaomi released Note 5 pro with Snapdragon 636 which at the time was a famous and good processor. This year too, Xiaomi has released the Redmi Note 6 pro with the same Snapdragon 636, so whatever the Ram is the performance of both phones will be absolutely equal!

Display and looks

The Redmi Note 5 pro had a 5.99 inch full Hd+ display. It lacked a notch which became a trend in smartphones in 2018.

The Note 6 pro has a 6.26 inch Full Hd+ display with a screen to body ratio of 19:9 and has a notch. The phone’s looks have certainly improved. The back side of both phones are like what Xiaomi usually provides: Metal and simple.

Software and updates

The Note 5 pro came with Android 7.1 installed and has gotten the oreo upgrade. It also runs on Miui 10.

The Note 6 pro comes with Android 8.1 oreo and has the Miui 10.


It is the department of change. The Redmi note 5 pro had a dual rear camera of 12+5 megapixels. It had a front facing camera of 20 megapixels.

The Note 6 pro also comes with a dual rear camera of 12+5 megapixels and dual front facing cameras of 20+2 megapixels. Also, it hasseveral extra cool editing tools which were not on the Note 5 pro but are seen in iphone like studio lights etc.

Battery and charging

The battery is the same as 4000Mah in both phones. Both phones aupport qualcomm 3.0 fast charging thus that is a great news. But in the box only comes a 10W charger which is still better than the Apple’s 5W charger.

Also there is no type c port in both mobiles. The phone still comes with Mirco USB cable.

Ram and Storage

Both phones come in 2 variants. 4Gb Ram + 64Gb storage or 6Gb Ram + 64Gb storage.


Note 5 pro was released at Rs 13,999 for base variant and later changed to 14,999.

The Note 6 pro will launch at Rs 14,999 for the base variant.


The whole scenario is above you. We think that Note 6 pro is not a worthy upgrade to Note 5 pro. They could have atleast used the new 675 snapdragon processor to make it unique. They didn’t. The final choice is yours to make.

See all details to click here :

Redmi Note 5 pro and Redmi Note 6 pro

Redmi Note 6 pro release date confirmed!

Redmi Note 6 pro release date has been confirmed. The phone is going to be released in the Indian market on the 22nd of November. This phone has a lot of the same features as that of Redmi Note 5 pro and has a few good additions. Will it be enough to make it as famous as the Redmi Note 5 pro which is still selling like a hotcake. Let’s see to the specifications of the phone.


Redmi Note 6 pro

The Redmi Note 6 pro features a 6.26 inch full Hd+ display with a notch. The notch is an addition and will be the first in the series to have a notch. It features the same Snapdragon 636 processor which is a bit old. It will run on the Android 8.1 and will get the pie update real soon. It features both, a facial as well as a fingerprint unlock. The base variant will be of 4Gb Ram + 64Gb storage.

The cameras are the most important feature of the new note. It has a 12+5 megapixel dual rear camera along with a dual front-facing camera of 20+2 megapixels. Thus, the phone is a camera centric phone. It has a battery of 4000 Mah and weighs just about 157 grams. It will feature the new Miui 10 also.


The new Redmi Note 6 pro is not so different from the Redmi note 5 pro. We are guessing Xiaomi knows that because the phone will be priced at Rs 14,999 which is a decent price for the base variant, not aggressive just decent. We have seen smartphones with a bad processor at a higher price. It is Samsung J8 for your knowledge.


We are trying to be a little unbiased. Xiaomi has been a really successful company in India. They also see that people are buying their phones with blind trust. We guess that is why this phone is priced a little bit higher considering the fact that we get a 660 processor at a 1000Rw less than what this phone is priced at. It might happen that Xiaomi releases the phone with 675 snapdragon but the chances of that happening are pretty less.

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