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Saturday 15th of December 2018

Top Advice And Tips To Runaway Brides

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Indian fashion platform has many big names who drive the trend in the country when it comes to style. After reading the top fashion articles and taking tips from first rated stylists of the country, we have compiled a narrative which gives top advice and tips to runaway brides here. As the wedding season in India is around the corner, this piece of writing is definitely going to help upcoming brides ins some of the other manner we believe. Read the fashion tips carefully and apply them.

What Bride Should never Do On Her Big Day?

Top Advice And Tips To Runaway Brides for make up

According to makeup artists and top stylists, a bride should never do any experiments with her looks on her wedding day. For example, if she has never done very heavy make-up all her life, she should not wear heavy dark lipstick on her big day. This can make her look weird. She should never take a chance of looking horrible on her marriage day. Other days are there for experiments but not an occasion like this.

The Jewellery

Top Advice And Tips To Runaway Brides on jewellry

List of top advice and tips to runaway brides also include the way their jewelry should be styled. Brides should not wear all the jewelry that they have but should have a fine balance with their wedding dress. For example, wearing heavy jewelry with heavy worked lehenga is fashion faux pas! This should never be done. In fact, if the bride chooses some other colour instead of red lehenga, then her jewelry gives a fresh look to her overall appearance!

Safe Hairdo For A Bride

Top Advice And Tips To Runaway Brides

If a bride is not sure of her hairstyle, she should just do the same hairdo she does for her normal parties. This point makes it in a top advice and tips to runaway brides as hairstyle can make or break the look. A bride should look like the best version of herself and it is okay to carry the hairdo which she has donned many times earlier. The dress, jewellery and the glow makes all the difference anyway!

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