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Saturday 15th of December 2018
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A New Pubg Mobile Vikendi Map introduced

Pubg Mobile has been the craze of India. It is played by almost every mobile gaming fan. Well, in the 0.9.0 update we didn’t see much changes. What we saw were a lot of bugs being inroduced in the game. The new 0.10.0 update which comes on 20th December will inroduce to us the new snop map named Pubg Mobile Vikendi Map. Let’s talk about the map first.

The Pubg Mobile Vikendi Map had been inroduced earlier this month on the Pubg Pc and some days later the beta version of Pubg Mobile came that included the snop map named Vikendi map.

Pubg Mobile Vikendi Map

Pubg Mobile Vikendi Map

It is 6X6 Km map which is covered with snow and buildings. We are introduced with the new snow mobile vehicle which can accomodate upto 2 person each. Also, when you choose the Pubg Mobile Vikendi Map or snow map, the players will be able to fight with with snowballs. An additional game related feature is that a player’s footprints will be there till the end of the match. It can lead to 2 things. Either you getting to know the position of your enemy or you getting backstabbed by another enemy. The Pubg Mobile Vikendi Map includes places like Dino park which involves an actual ride where you can camp in. The place also includes a tunnel which can be a good place of fight. Many youtubers named Yanrique wright, Blue Panda, Panda, Levinho and Izzo have uploaded videos of gameplay of Vikendi map on the beta version which is still in the update process.

Well, not just this there have been talks of introducing the new MK46 which will roll in the next update that will be the 0.11.0. 

One more important thing is that the 20th December update might not include the Pubg Mobile Vikendi Map in the global Pubg Mobile app. Thus don’t get your hopes really high.That is pretty much it about the Pubg Mobile Vikendi Map and pubg mobile new update. 

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Pubg Mobile Star Challenge Global Finals : Results!!

The Pubg Mobile Star Challenge was an interesting event would be an understatement. It was a blockbuster event if you are a Pubg fan. The Global finals involved 20 teams who qualified in the first round, semifinals, then the regional finals and then came to the Pubg Mobile Star Challenge Global Finals. Thus, one thing you can say for sure is that  only the best players played in the finals.

On the first day of the Global Finals it was the team CPT(Comfortable Penguins) who stole the first place. They almost always survived till the end and in one match even stole the victory.

The second day of the Star Challenge was the day of the Team RRQ Athena. The last match of Day one was won by them and the first 3 main matches of the 2nd day were won by them too. It made 3 victories in their side.

They performed the same like that on the third day too and won the contest. CPT who were the champions on Day one came 2nd in the tournament. LH Dohyou came 3rd in the tournament.

As a price RRQ  got 200000$ dollars to themselves. CPT got 100000$ and LH Dohyou got 50000$ themselves. Also the winner of each exhibition match got the Samsung Galaxy Note 9. The teams who participated, everyone got some cash price. None of the teams left empty handed which is a good sporting spirit and good hostman ship by the tournanment creators.

The most important thing they won is the hearts of many people with their performance. They have also won recognition for their awesome showcase of skills. Truly, no other person or team has greater sniping or shooting akills than RRQ or otherwise they can prove.

Pubg Mobile is going to host tournaments on a regular basis from now on, so be aware and participate and you might not know, you get selected in the tournament.


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5 budget oriented mobile phones to play Pubg mobile

Pubg Mobile is the trend of the year. It is the best game as per Google Play store. There have been over a 100 million downloads of the game and its  even been an year since its launch. Although it is a pretty fun game but the game involves really high quality graphics which only a certain amount of phones can provide without the game lagging. Here are the top 5 budget oriented mobile phones to play Pubg mobile smoothly.


5 budget oriented mobile phones to play Pubg mobile


(1) Asus Zenfone Max Pro M1

budget oriented mobile phones to play Pubg mobile

The Asus Zenfone Max pro M1 is a smartphone which has the latest snapdragon 636 processor which is a 1.8Ghz processor. It is a pretty decent processor and combined with 3 or 4GB Ram Pubg can be played on Hd graphics on the mobile without much lag. This budget oriented mobile phones to play Pubg mobile priced at Rs 10,999.

(2) Realme 1

budget oriented mobile phones to play Pubg mobile


The Realme 1 has been praised by literally everyone. Nobody hates the mobile. Who would? The base variant of the mobile came at Rs 8,999 with the Meditek P60 which was their most advanced processor before P70 came. This budget oriented mobile phones to play Pubg mobile, It runs pretty smooth on the phone and one great thing is that you get to play pubg in a mobile priced less than Rs9,000. Mind you P69 processor is used in mobiles such as Oppo F9 pro priced at Rs 21000. Thus the processor is pretty efficient.


(3) Nokia 5.1 plus

budget oriented mobile phones to play Pubg mobile


At first it seemed a dream come true. It actually is a dream come true. A brand which is trusted a lot has brought out a mobile phone with the powerful P60 processor at just Rs 10,999. The phone also has good camera and a bright screen. Nokia 5.1 plus certainly is a good and budget oriented mobile phones to play Pubg mobile.


(4) Realme U1

budget oriented mobile phones to play Pubg mobile


It is the latest Realme creation. The phone has a 25 megapixels selfie camera and has the latest Mediatek P70 processor. It has better quality processor than the Realme 2 pro as per Antutu benchmarks. The phone is priced at Rs 11,999 and will be available for sale starting 5 december It is also the budget oriented mobile phones to play Pubg mobile.


(5) Pocophone F1

budget oriented mobile phones to play Pubg mobile

This phone comes at a little higher than budget rate but the processor and Ram involved in the mobile phone makes it worth it. It has the snapdragon 845 processor and 6Gb Ram to favour it. Pubg runs on highest quality graphics on the mobile. No visible lags will be seen. This is the best budget oriented mobile phones to play Pubg mobile on if you want to be a pro. It is priced at Rs 20,999.


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Pubg Mobile Star Challenge Global Finals : Day 1 full action!!

The Pubg Mobile Star Challenge Global Finals Day 1 was a pretty hit event. Many people bought the tickets to see their favourite teams playing. A suprising scene was  when an Indian team was seen. None of the Indian team had passed the Asia finals round but Team Terror form the campus championship qualified and played.

Pubg Mobile Star Challenge Global Finals The first round

Pubg Mobile Star Challenge Global Finals was an exhibition match so that teams would get to know each other well.One team that was pretty good was Cloud 9 with 16 kills in the game. Evos did not play that well while RRQ played just fine. In the last circle only one Asian team, The comfortable penguins were there. They performed really well but it was the Illuminate team that stole the win.

Pubg Mobile Star Challenge Global Finals 2nd Round

In the 2nd round the tables turned a little. Evos Burnout team totally turned. They showed what they really were. It was CPT and Evos Burnout and one other team. Evos took the win in the first official marking match. They made a lasting impression only to slow in the 3rd round.

Pubg Mobile Star Challenge Global Finals 3rd Round

Pubg Mobile Star Challenge Global Finals the 3rd Round it was the cloud 9 who returned and started killing a lot of people. Also it was GT Acan who with his awesome performance helped his team to reach into the top 2 in the match. It was the Comfortable Penguins Vs the GT clan. 4v4 situation. The Comfortable Penguins without the loss of even 1 player won the whole match. It was a pretty great effort by GT clan but seems like 1 player effort is not enough.

Pubg Mobile Star Challenge Global Finals Round 4

In the Round 4, guess which asian team pulled a sixer. It was the winner of the Asian Star challenge Finals the RRQ Athena. They picked up a total of more than 15 kills to seal a victory in the game. It was a turning point in today’s full game.

Pubg Mobile Star Challenge Global Finals Round 5

Befor the beginning of this round RRQ were on 4th position while CPT were at 1st. In the game pretty early 2 of the RRQ members died. It was a pretty bad last circle. Completely open. Only cover available were the hay stacks and grass. It was RRQ Athena Vs The LH doyou. 2v2 situation. One player of RRQ was knocked. LH Doyou rushed. The alive player rolled off and knocked one person while hiding. He rushed onto the other to seal 2 consecutive victories for RRQ Athena.

Pubg Mobile Star Challenge Global Finals the end of the Round and Day 1 it was RRQ Athena at the top. CPT at the 3rd and LH Doyou on 2nd.  Also Evos is not far from them. They are at the 6th spot. Look out for today’s live event dtarting 4pm on the Rawknee show.


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Pubg Mobile Star Challenge Global Finals to begin November 29th : Here’s full details!

After a pretty successful region finals, top teams have been selected from all over the world to fight each other for a massive winning opportunity. The Pubg Mobile Star Challenge Global Finals is the first esports competition held by the company and they seem pretty proud of how well it is going. They certainly have organised it really well. Full highlights of the Asia Finals in people’s own native language is available.

Pubg Mobile Star Challenge Global Finals to begin November 29th

The Pubg Mobile Star Challenge Global finals will begin starting 29th November till 1st of December. Top teams from round the world will fight for a prize money of 400000$(approx 2.82 crores).

The Pubg Mobile Star Challenge global finals being sponsored by Samsung will be held at Festival Arena in Dubai. On the three days the event will begin 16:00 local and end at 21:00 local.

PUBG will offer daily passes for their first eSports event, as well as a 3-day pass for the entire showcase. Those attending the PUBG Mobile Star Challenge Global Finals could choose to pay 35 dirhams (Rs 675 approx) for a Gold Pass on any one of the days, or as much as 340 dirhams (Rs 6,550 approx) for a Diamond Pass covering all event dates.

Pubg Mobile Star Challenge Global Finals tickets are also available on the site under Pubg Mobile.

The best teams from around the world starring Asia, China,South Korea, South America, Europe, North America and many more. Sadly, no Indian team was able to pass for the global fins. No need to worry, they will pass next year for sure.

Pubg Mobile Star Challenge – The participants will get to play on the Samsung Galaxy Note 9 which is said to be the most competent device for pubg mobile gaming. A total of 15 matches will be held in total. Tencent will hold a live-stream of the event on their Facebook as well as on their Youtube channel.

Pubg Mobile Star Challenge : A total of 4 matches are going to be held daily and the duration of each match will be of 55 minutes. If you don’t know the matches played will be both in Third person as well as in First person mode.


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Top 5 Pubg Mobile streamers on youtube!!

Pubg Mobile has become a big game and is being played all over India. recently from our country two teams went into the Pubg mobile crew challenge finals. There are  a lot of Pubg mobile streamers on youtube. We have assembled the list of top 5 out of those Pubg mobile streamers on youtube. They have interesting as well as full of learning gameplay. So, let’s begin without any delay.

Top 5 Pubg Mobile streamers on youtube!!

(5) Dynamo Gaming

although it is not healthy for body and mind, this youtuber and the 15th ranked asian on Pubg mobile streamers on youtube continuously with breaks throughout the day. He goes for a lunch break, but except for that whenever you will open your mobile or p.c. you will find him online. He is in the Hydra clan and is one of the best pubg mobile players. He is a very good sniper and you can learn a trick or two from him watching his stream.

(4) Carry is Live

although carry Minati doesn’t play Pubg that well, his other teammates do so. His teammates gunshot, Gareeboo and daddy are very fine players. you will see them finishing any team coming their way. although Ajay still has to work a lot on his game, you ca learn a little sniping from him. He very efficiently hits sniping shots while the opponent is running. You will easily see 40-50k people seeing his stream. He streams during the witching hour i.e. 10pm – 1 am.

(3) Mortal

Mortal is a 23 year old fellow who recently changed from a Mini Militia pro to becoming a pubg Mobile pro. he is the 3rd ranking Pubg mobile streamers on youtube all over Asia. Earlier he used to upload only videos. Now, he has even started streaming but he does so for only 2-3 hours per day. the hours are also not fixed so keep him subscribed. He is a solo player, although he plays with his teammates from Soul clan. he can completely kill full squads on his own.

(2) Cosmic youtube

Cosmic is also a pretty good Pubg mobile streamers on youtube. He plays with different players everyday and has his own good fan following. You can watch him stream in the night from 9 pm onwards.

(1) The Rawknee Games

The Rawknee games is the best Pubg mobile streamers on youtube in the world. He plays solo. He snipes pretty well. he is very good at finding snakes and campers. The best thing is you will enjoy the most in his stream. He makes awesome jokes and is also officially the voice in the Pubg Mobile Hindi channel which streams the star challenge.


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Pubg Mobile new season update: What’s new?

The 4th season of Royal Pass is here and its pretty exciting.  Pubg mobile new season update is doing whatever it can to bring more and more people attracted towards the game. If a person even plays Pubg without hearphone people would see it and become a fan there and itself. Those who say that this game can’t addict them will also become addicted.

Pubg Mobile new season update

Pubg Mobile new season update: What’s new?

The new season had an update of 133 Mbs approximately. The new gun Beryl M762 is here, although doesn’t affect much as not many use it. An incredicable change is in Sanhok. Now the dynamix weather is here. Sometimes there will be fog, sometimes thunder and rain, sometimes cool and crispy clear environment. It is a pretty good site-change in Snahok.

Pubg Mobile new season update, Undoubtedly Sanhok is a gamechanger for Pubg mobile. It is one of people’s best out the 3 landscapes: Erangel, Myramar and Sanhhok. People are guessing that the Snow map will be here soon but it is not true. Instead, the next update might being snowy weather in Sanhok. That’s it for now all.Pubg Mobile new season update


Now, Pubg Mobile new season update : the new Royal Pass season offers more UC, better clothes, more actions, dances and much more. The costs of the Royal Pass are the same. As was noticed earlier Pubg Mobile’s revenues have increased 175% since the release of Royal Pass. It has increased so much that now Pubg mobile ads can be seen on TV, especially on Comedy Central.

Pubg Mobile new season update, scooter is available in Sanhok. All player’s rankings have been reset. Tjose in conqueror, Ace, Crown have come down to Platinum tier. Those in Diamond have come down to Gold. If reports are to be believed Pubg Mobile is the most played multiplayer game in India. It is a fan favourite and also is being voted as GooglePlay’s best game of the year.

Well, the game deserves it.


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Pubg Mobile 0.9.0 Update to Bring Nightmode and More

Pubg mobile is a live sensation. It is a multiplayer battle royale game which each and every mobile gamer knows about. It is a really addictive game with awesome graphics. Now, after the coming of Sanhok map in the 0.8.0 update it is time for the 0.9.0 update.

The Pubg mobile 0.9.0 update is supposed to bring much more exciting features than you can comprehend. Yes, there is no new map coming this update and for several more updates don’t expect another map. Let’s delve into what we will be getting in the 0.9.0 update.

Night Mode

In this update it is official. The night mode will be in the Erangel map. It comes with special night goggles. It will be really difficult to spot enemies in the night and much more difficult if they are lying in the grass like snakes. Thus, the mode will certainly bring much more challenges for the people who are in very big leagues like Crown and Ace.

Halloween Theme

It has been confirmed that the new update will be based on Halloween and instead of apples when you spawn you will get pumpkins. The best thing about this theme is that the enemies killed via AKM will turn into scarecrows. Just consider how much fun it will be.

New Buildings

In Erangel map there are going to be several new buildings. Near rivers cover areas will be added, so for the snakes its a good news.

Vehicles, Guns, FPP driving etc improvements

A new gun will be seen in the update. It is named the QBU DMR and it will replace the Mini i4 in the Sanhok map only. R.I.P Mini i4. 

When you will ride a vehicle by default music will start to play. Many people have been wondering about when the FPP driving mode will be coming. Don’t worry, its its co this update. Yes, the 0.9.0 update brings FPP driving into the Pubg mobile.

Akm is a high damage gun but one thing is that it has a really large recoil which was increased in the 0.8.0 update. The vertical and horizontal recoil of the Akm rifle will be reduced.

Spectator Mode

The spectator mode is a mode in which even after you die you can spectate and see who wins the match.

Also, the Miramar update which was of 300Mb is now reduced to 13Mb. There have been many bugs like very high game opening time, game crash etc in the 0.8 update. All are gonna be fixed in the 0.9.0 update. Well, they say they are but the Pubg mobile fans know better.

When will it come?

Tencent has said to not expect the update before 25th October. They have also said that it might even be delayed till November.

So, what are your opinions regarding the 0.9.0 update. Comment down in the section below.


A Pubg fan has spotted Mahindra tractor in the game and it’s absolutely awesome!!

Pubg is currently the most favourite and most played the game in the present time. The action the game presents is not matched by any other game and that’s why it so popular. Apart from all that some fans who were playing a Pubg game normally spotted something that just gave a shock to them. They spotted a Mahindra tractor in the game.

Players spotted that the tractors, which are part of the general landscape in Erangel map of Pubg are Mahindra tractors.

Mahindra tractor

Upon close inspection, one can make out the Mahindra 265 DI label on the side of the engine cover. There might be a certain explanation for all of this. It is likely that the developers modelled the tractors on this and didn’t remove the brand and logo.

Also, the logo is not the only connection with India. The tractors also have the famous phrases- ‘ Horn OK Please’ and ‘ Buri Nazar Wale Tera Muh Kala’ which translates to ‘ one with an evil eye, your face will turn black.’

Mahindra tractor

However, they might not be visible to all the Pubg players. These are only visible on mobiles with high graphics capability and PCs.

Mahindra Chairman replies to all the Hype building on Social Media

Fans were so excited about the Mahindra tractor that they tagged Anand Mahindra in the post.

The chairman replied saying that he is embarrassed that he doesn’t know what Pubg is though he tries to keep up with the current affairs. He said he was pleased that there was a Mahindra tractor in the game and was curious to know what happens to it in the game.

Well, incredible isn’t it. Pubg mobile every time is finding out ways to be in the hype on social media whether it is for them completing their 100 million downloads or for their new updates from time to time. Pubg is going to release its new update soon and fans could be getting the new Sanhok map in it. So, be ready for everyone.

PUBG Mobile game reaches 100 million downloads in just few months!!

PUBG mobile is the mobile version of the famous P.C game PUBG. Its full form is Playerunknowns battlegrounds. Tencent games before making this game might not have thought that the mobile game would become the most played one all over India. Pubg has now become one of the most played mobile games throughout India. Many Indian YouTubers upload gameplays of Pubg daily like Carryminati, Rawknee Games etc.

PUBG Mobile

PUBG Mobile was the battle royale game that started the trend, with its ‘Hunger Games’-esque setup. Players are dropped into a map along with an air route, with no guns or equipment, and have to scavenge for them, all while killing any enemies they come across. Add to this a constantly shrinking play area, with the last man standing win condition, and what you get are adrenaline-rushed matches of equal parts quiet stalking and frantic shooting.


PUBG has now managed to reach a massive 100 million downloads across iOS and Android, after it launched to both platforms March 19. In those four months, it’s also gained more than 14 million daily active users, not even counting those in China, Japan, and Korea.

Although PUBG is an incomparable game there is also one game whose mobile phone beta version has already been rolled in. The name of the game is Fortnite.

PUBG Mobile

Fortnite Battle Royale, a free-to-play battle royale game where up to 100 players fight in increasingly-smaller spaces to be the last person standing. Both game modes were released in 2017 as early access titles; Save the World is available only for Microsoft Windows, macOS, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One, while Battle Royale has been released for those platforms, Nintendo Switch, and iOS and Android devices.

Seeing that Fortnite will be rolling out for only high-end gaming devices (for now) the PUBG Mobile developers Tencent gaming have nothing much to worry about.

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