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Tuesday 22nd of January 2019

Honor 10 Lite to launch soon in India : Here’s its specs!

The Honor 10 Lite is soon going to be launched in India. Should you purchase it or not? We are going to take a look at what features this phone possesses and is it a cost efficient smartphone or not?

Honor 10 Lite Specifications

Honor 10 Lite to launch soon in India

The Honor 10 Lite has a 6.21 inch Full Hd+ screen with a resolution of 1080 x 2160 pixels. It runs on Android Pie and has the Emui 9.0 which is the latest in the market. It has a really glossy design on its back panel which makes it a really attractive device. It runs on Kirin 710 which is a really power efficient and fast processor. It comes with 4Gb Ram and 64Gb storage.

The Honor 10 Lite phone has a dual rear camera of 13+2 megapixels while having a front facing camera of 24 megapixels, effectively making it a selfie device. It has a 3400Mah battery which can be charged with a 10W charger. The phone has a beautiful waterdrop notch.

Honor 10 Lite Price

Although official prices have not been revealed, it might have a price of approximately Rs 13,000. Any more than that and the phone would not be aggressively priced and make it sound less than what it actually is!


The best thing about the Honor 10 Lite device is its looks and notch and the processor. The bad thing is the unavailability of fast charging on this one but we can’t have everything in a budget device thus it is justified. What will make it a good smartphone is the price on it and as we have said that a price much more than 13000Rs will effectively lead to a downfall for this device, otherwise the device will be a hit!

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India is planning a deep dive in technology for seabed minerals

India is preparing to unearth treasures located at the deep depths of the ocean. India is planning a deep dive and its aim is a boost in the economy. The floor of the world’s seas is scattered with vast beds of black potato-shaped polymetallic nodules. These nodules comprise of copper, nickel, cobalt, manganese, iron and rare earth elements.

India is planning a deep dive in technology for seabed minerals

These natural resources are key to the manufacturing of modern gadgets. These gadgets range from smartphones and laptops to peacemakers, hybrid cars and solar panels.

The supply of these essential resources is dwindling fast onshore. But an expanding technology and infrastructure are fueling global demands for these resources. So more and more countries including manufacturing powerhouses like India and China are looking toward the ocean. That is why India is planning a deep dive in the oceanic department.

India is planning a deep dive in technology for seabed minerals

Gidugu Ananda Ramadass is the head of India’s deep sea mining project at the National Institute of Ocean Technology (NIOT) in the southern city of Chennai. He said, “We have to depend on ocean resources sooner or later … there is no other way.” He also added, “For the future of mankind … the ocean is the only hope.”

India is Asia’s third-largest economy. It is completely going ahead in anticipation of the International Seabed Authority (ISA). The ISA will be a UN body that will oversee mining on the high seas – giving the green light for commercial exploitation.

It must be noted that harvesting these deep sea minerals is no easy task. Over the next decade, the Indian government is planning to pump in more than $1 billion to develop and test deep sea technologies like underwater crawling machines and human-piloted submarines, according to the earth sciences ministry.

Truly, India is planning a deep dive, both literally and metaphorically. Here’s to the success of the country in this endeavour.


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In last 5 years, 40 million more Indians have been hit by heatwaves

Climate change has had drastic effects on the nation. Indians have been hit by heatwaves. India saw an increase of 40 million in the number of people exposed to heatwaves from 2012 to 2016. This is according to a global report by 27 leading academic institutions, the United Nations and inter-governmental agencies.

Indians have been hit by heatwaves

It said that the surge in heatwaves in India is an imminent danger to health. They called for urgent action to develop and implement heat action plans.

The Lancert Climate Report on health and climate change said that average temperatures in India are projected to rise alarmingly. Between 1901 and 2007, India’s mean temperature increased by more than 0.5 degree Celsius. “While the world is bracing for an icrease of around 2 degrees Celcius over the 21st century, northern, central and western India may witness further increase averaging 2.2 to 5.5 degrees by the end of the 21st century,” it said.

Globally, the Lancert report said, vulnerability to extremes of heat has steadily risen since 1990 in every region, with 157 million more people exposed to heatwaves in 2017 as compared to year 2000.

The average person experienced an additional 1.4 days of heatwaves per year over the same period, it said. Low and middle-income countries are likely to be worst affected by climate change. That is because of their weaker health systems and poorer infrastructure. This may lead to further widening of existing health and economic inequalities.

Hit by heatwaves – Heatwaves are associated with increased rates of heat stress and heat stroke, exacerbation of heat failure and acute kidney injury from dehydration. Children, the elderly and those with pre-existing morbidities are particularly vulnerable.

Dr K Srinath Reddy, an author of the India policy brief of the Lancer report, said identifying local heat hot spots through appropriate tackling and modelling of meteorological data is needed to takle the crises of being hit by heatwaves.

Indians are being hit by heatwaves at alarming rates. This has to be curbed.


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1st India vs Australia T20 Match : India lose in rain-shortened match

The opening T20 International match at Gabba on Wednesday was an iconic and much-anticipated India vs Australia T20 match. Unfortunately, the match was cut short due to rain. But more unfortunate is the fact for fans of the Indian team is that they lost the match.

1st India vs Australia T20 Match

India was quite sloppy in the game. Their beginning was far from an ideal start. The first blunder that India committed was allowing Australia score 158 for four. This was after the rains had already shortened the game to 17 overs per side. Glenn Maxwell was the star batsman for the Australian side. He scored a smashing 46 runs off 24 balls.

1st India vs Australia T20 Match : The 45-minute stoppage announcement meant that India had to shoot for a target score of 174 runs in 17 overs. Shikhar Dhawan was the opener for India. He scored 76 off 42 balls. Dinesh Karthik also played well. He scored 30 runs off 13 balls. But even after such great performances, India finished with 196 for seven.

This match was a huge morale booster for Australia. They recently haven’t fared well in limited overs cricket. The second match of the three-match series will be played in Melbourne on Friday.

1st India vs Australia T20 Match : Dhawan and Rahul put up 46 runs for the second wicket. Zampa should have had a third wicket but he dropped a return chance from Dhawan on 65. The batsman enjoyed another lifeline at 74. Substitute Nathan Coulter-Nile put him down at square leg off Billy Stanlake.

The required run rate kept on climbing. It was becoming too much for Dhawan as well. He left Rishabh Pant and Karthik with a mountain of runs to climb.

They nearly achieved the impossible. They scored 51 runs off a mere 24 balls. Karthik was left to finish things off. But he did not get an adequate amount of support form the other end.

With that the 1st India vs Australia T20 match came to an end with Australia’s victory.


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Coruption in India: A Bane for a Proper and Good Democracy

Corruption is an ancient problem that has been eating the marrow of the country. It exists only to subdue good causes. Corruption is not a necessary evil; it is only pure evil. Corruption in India exists for only one reason – self-interest of individuals.

It is of common knowledge in our country that politics is corrupted to the core. And the public doesn’t even bat an eye at it. It is accepted by the people and is nurtured by the truly corrupt. Even the two most trusted political entities, namely the Bharatiya Janta Party and the Indian National Congress, have not been forever free from the stain of corruption. Just recently, the Indian National Congress was involved in a party ticket sale case, in which the Congress Party ticket was sold at the price of Rs 3.5 crores in Rajasthan.

Such form of corruption surely scares the hell out of people. How low can someone go in order to fulfil their self-centered and extravagant requirements? Corruption has spread its roots into the smallest of crevices. Democracy has been truly undermined. Its significance has gone down steeply. The concept of a government for the people, of the people and by the people is kept at gunpoint.

Corruption in India reigns supreme. The main cause being that the corrupt are rich and at often times, beyond the law. The law itself has become corrupt. The paper money has replaced morality. The constitution is but a skeleton, with constitutional morality being its flesh. But the entire public conscience of constitutional morality has been thrown out of the window.

The amount of corruption in India has never lagged. It always keeps increasing with every passing year. Democracy is in danger and only the public can do something about it. But how can we throw stones at others when we ourselves live in a glass house?

India defeated West Indies in the first T-20 International

With Mahendra Singh Dhoni dropped and Virat Kohli rested for the bigger battles that are yet to come the Rohit Sharma led Indian team defeated West Indies in the first T-20 International held in Eden Gardens, Kolkata. Chasing has always been India’s strong suit, even without Kohli in the team, Rohit Sharma won the toss and put the visitors to bat first.

India had two debutants in the first T-20 International namely, Krunal Pandya, the all-rounder, and, the left arm seamer Khaleel Ahmed. Umesh Yadav had replaced the injured Bhubhaneshwar Kumar and Yuzvendra Chahal missed out on being in the first eleven.

India had already dominated the West Indies in both tests and One Day Internationals, but facing the west indies in T-20 Internationals has always been a tedious task. This wouldn’t have been possible without the debutant Krunal Pandya who was able to hold his nerve scoring 21* in the game-changing partnership with Dinesh Kartik helping India clinch the first T-20 international by 5 wickets.

India got off to a very nervy start chasing a total of mere 109, needing 110 to win in the first T-20 International. India were 83/5, The West Indies might have sniffed victory but with the nine ball 21 in his debut, Krunal Pandya saved the day. His reverse sweep against Allen was amazing and showed how much he oozed with confidence. The Youngster read the situation beautifully, not just with the bat but with the ball too in the first innings when he gave away just 5 runs in his last three overs along with the crucial wicket of Kieron Pollard.

The second T-20 International is scheduled to be conducted on 6th November where the Indian team would do their level best to clinch the T-20 series as well.

Have something to say about the first T-20 International? Let us know in the comments below.

Automobile Sector is changing and e-Rickshaws have a major role to play

The face of the Automobile Sector is changing around the world as we speak. Introduction of the “ridesharing” concept brought in by Ola and Uber has been nothing short of a revolution. There has been an exponential rise in the pursuit of electric vehicles since Tesla touched that field, and then there is a massive push for autonomous vehicles by Google and Apple.

In India itself, the fact that the Automobile Sector is changing is palpable; the Government has decided to boost ethanol blending into petroleum considering the benefit of farmers and reduction in the oil import. There has been a massive rise in demand for automobiles in rural India and the government is pushing for public transportation.

One of the biggest proofs that the Automobile Sector is changing in the country is the “e-Rickshaw”. This vehicle has managed to bring about huge changes in the lives of the drivers and commuters alike in spite of remaining outside the focus of government and big companies alike.


How the Automobile Sector is changing via e-Rickshaws

The “e-Rickshaw” is a small distance transporter that causes hardly any harm to the environment. As of now more than fifteen lakh battery powered “e-Rickshaw” runs the roads of India providing the general populace with cheap commute. The number fifteen lakh is significant as it is more than the total number of electric cars sold in China since the year 2011.

The “e-Rickshaw” revolution confirmed that the Automobile Sector is changing and managed to cause a mini revolution of its own without any support from higher authorities whatsoever.

These vehicles have replaced the auto-rickshaw and human puled rickshaw to quite an extent. This is largely attributed to the fact that the rickshaw pullers who switched to the electric one experienced a significant rise in income combined with lesser muscle effort.

The Automobile Sector is changing and the “e-Rickshaws” are laying a significant role in this change.

Pakistan planning to send 1st astronaut to space in 2022, same as India

Pakistan will be sending a human to space for the first time in the year 2022.  They will be receiving help from China. This was announced by Information Minister Fawad Chaudhry on Thursday. This was ahead of Prime Minister Imran Khan’s maiden visit to Beijing.

Pakistan’s first space mission has been planned. The federal Cabinet meeting chaired by Imran Khan approved this plan. The minister said that an agreement between Paki Space and Upper Atmosphere Research Commission (SUPARCO) and a Chinese company has already been signed.

Pakistan and China already have very good defence ties. Moreover, Islamabad is one of the top buyers of Chinese military hardware. Earlier this year, Pakistan launched two satellites into orbit, using a Chinese launch vehicle. The satellites had to be transported to China as Pakistan lacks the infrastructure to launch objects to space.

Imran Khan will carry out his first official visit to China on 3rd November. Meetings will be held with Chinese President, Xi Jinping and Premier Li Keqiang.

The point that should be noticed here is that Pakistan’s planning to send a human to space in the same year as that of India. But still, there will be a huge difference between the way the missions are carried out by both the countries. India’s space mission will be it’s own while Pak will be seeking foreign help from China.

In his Independence Day address, Narendra Modi, the Prime Minister of India announced that India would be sending an astronaut to space by 2022. This would make India the fourth nation in the world to achieve this feat.

Modi said that “We have resolved that by 2022, when India celebrates 75 years of Independence or maybe even before that, certainly some of our young boys and girls will unfurl the Tricolour in space.”

It is clear that Pakistan is trying to conduct a space race with India. But at this point in time, such vain achievements do not matter. What matters is a safe journey for the astronauts who are putting their lives on the line in pursuit of science.

India vs West Indies: First Test Day 2, West Indies lags behind

Day 1 of India vs West Indies match was a real joy for the Indian side. Debutant Prithvi Shaw touched various records when he scored a massive 154-ball 134.  India dominated the visiting side in the match.

At the beginning of the second day, Kolhi was 28 runs away from another test century. Indi’s score was 371 for 4 in 90 overs. Kolhi hit 82 to gain 3000 test runs at home. At 100 overs, India’s score was 406 for 4. Kolhi – Pant partnership reached 69. Rishabh Pant was on a roll. He scored 74 off 69 balls. His fourth six brought up a 100-run partnership. Soon, Virat completed his 24th test century. India’s score was 463 for 4.

The India vs West Indies match looked pretty much one-sided. Pant was out at 92, missing on a century. India was at 470 for 5. After 116 overs, the score rose up a bit more to 497 for 5. Kolhi (131*) and Jadeja (22*) completed their 50 run partnership in 122.2 overs.

After this, India lost some quick wickets. At 128.1 overs, India was at 545 for 7. Jadeja brought back India in the spotlight with 45 runs. In 136 overs, India had a score of 570 for 7. After this, India kept battering the opposite side with fours and sixes. Ravindra Jadeja got his maiden test century. India declared at a score of 649 for 9.

West Indies started the innings and the first wicket came in the fourth over. They had a slow start. At 9 overs, their score was 21 for 3. They lost their fourth wicket in the 11th over and another wicket fell in the sixteenth over. Their score was 49 for 5. After 20 overs, the scoreboard was gloomy. The score was 61/5.

Day 2 of India vs West Indies match came to a disappointing end for the latter. They had to go with a score of 94 for 6. They are currently trailing by 555 runs. Will tomorrow see a reversal of their fortune or shall India take this one with ease?

Asia Cup 2018 finals India Defeats Bangladesh in a Nail Biting Thriller

India won its 7th Asia Cup title, the most by any team, by beating Bangladesh in the finals by 3 wickets. In a very unpredictable match, Bangladesh put up a good fight and a decent chase for team India in the Asia cup 2018 finals.

Chasing a score of 223, it seemed difficult for team India but finally, India got home. Skipper Rohit Sharma was the top scorer for India with 48 runs while other contributions from middle order batsmen. Kuldeep Jadhav was the star of the show clinching 3 wickets while Liton Das, the ‘Man of the Match’ slammed his maiden century for Bangladesh.

India won the toss and Captain Rohit Sharma chose to bowl first at the Asia Cup 2018 finals. “We have been fielding first in the tournament and would like to continue that trend today. The guys have played and delivered right through the course of the tournament and would like to cross the final hurdle today”, a confident Indian Captain Rohit Sharma said.  

Bangladesh opener Liton Das made his maiden century with 12 boundaries and 2 sixes off 87 deliveries. He went on to complete his 100-run partnership with Mehidy Hasan.

India’s hunt for wicket continued after failed and careless attempts at fielding. India finally managed to break the opening partnership as Kedar Jadhav got rid of Mehidy Hasan after putting 120 runs on the board.

Bangladesh lost its 3rd wicket of Mushfiqur Rahim for 5 with a brilliant catch by Jasprit Bumrah. Kuldeep Yadav picked his second wicket of the day after Mahmudullah when M.S. Dhoni did what he does best. M.S. Dhoni’s brilliant stumping came into effect and sent Liton Das back to pavilion for 121 runs. Indian Bowlers fought back brilliantly to dismiss Bangladesh for 222.  

India’s innings did not have a good start. India lost its opening batsmen Shikhar Dhawan for just 35 runs and Ambati Rayudu for 2. Another big blow for India was when the Indian Captain, Rohit Sharma departed for 48 runs, caught deep square leg off the bowling of Rubel Hossain.

It was now when Bangladesh started building up pressure against the ‘men in blue.’ Another blow for India- Kedar Jadhav retire hurt with a hamstring injury. India needed 9 runs to claim the Asia Cup 2018 finals when both, Jadeja and Bhuvaneshwar got out. It was then singles and doubles which did the trick for India.

In a nerve thrilling match between the two competent countries, Bangladesh should go home proud for putting up a tough fight and giving the ‘men in blue’ a hard time. It was the perfectly planned chase of the India cricket team at the Asia cup 2018 finals which made them the ultimate champions.

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