T-Series vs Pewdiepie : Youtuber watching bitch Lasagna to save Pewdiepie

Saturday 15th of December 2018

T-Series vs Pewdiepie : Youtuber watching bitch Lasagna to save Pewdiepie

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The T-Series Vs Pewdiepie has come to yet ayet another chapter. People are seriously going crazy into it now. Last night I saw Pewdiepie being just 16000 subscribers ahead of T-Series. What I now see is a serious difference of 3,21000 subscribers.

T-Series vs Pewdiepie : Youtuber watching bitch Lasagna to save Pewdiepie

Although Pewdiepie is gonna losse lne time or another, this rivalry is gonna list itself into the best youtube rivalry ever. We say this because a youtuber named Durv is currently streaming on his channel Pewdiepie’s own song Bitch Lasagna for the past 12 hours in an attempt that people will see it and subscribe to pewdiepie and ofcourse to him too.
T-Series Vs Pewdiepie
T-Series vs Pewdiepie – This is one of the most innovative things we have seen in youtube history. Just last week there was a youtuber with 11million subs who repeated pewdiepie’s name a million times to help him go ahead of T-Series.
What is strange is that it all seems to be working. Last night Pewds was about to loose and see now what is happening. Pewdiepie would be on cloud 9 to see this happen. He is getting more than a million subscribers per week. If this goes on happening we might see 100 million before the second quarter of the next year and the rivalry between Pewdiepie and T-Series might continue till then even.
People have predicted for Pewdiepie to loose till October. It is now 3rd December and he is still alive and getting more subscribers than ever.
Coming back to Durv, the poor guy looks seriously tired and would want to take a break but is hell bent on completing 24 hours watching Bitch Lasagna in an attempt to save Pewdiepie from losing.
T-Series vs Pewdiepie – This is certainly something kind and Pewdiepie would certainly want to see it. Durv, on his own has had a total subscribers of 1.2 million and tight now 1.4K people are watching him. Go on Youtube and see for yourself if he is currently watching Bitch Lasagna or has it been 24 hourse already.


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