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Saturday 15th of December 2018

Sagas, Myths And Some Facts About Mermaids!

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Mermaids had always been a topic of interest, fantasy, and imagination. They are just not the creatures that have existed in storybooks and movies, but even the Greek and Syrian myths have the tails about them. If we go back in time, (thousands of years ago) we will find many folklore that describe and tells the encounter with mermaids. Even today, some people claim to have an encounter with them but the lack of evidence has not yet proved anything. Here are some facts about mermaids which have been found in mythological stories and by some people who claim to see these majestic creatures. These are really going to make you wonder. Read!

ome facts about mermaids and Syrian Goddess

Facts about Mermaids

The tales of mermaids have started from ancient Syria and not from any imaginative fairytales which we read today. This will give you some facts about mermaids for sure. Going back to 1000 BC, in Syrian mythological story, there was a goddess named Antargatis who wanted to be transformed as a fish. But when she dove into the water, only the bottom part of her body was transformed into fish. This was the starting point of the talks about these mysterious creatures.

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There were no questions of mermaids existence during medieval times. This is one of the topmost facts about mermaids that gives some assurance of their existence. Scotland is one of the places where most of the mermaid sightings have happened. People during those times sighted mermaids as they sighted other fish like dolphins or sharks. These humanoid figures were always talked about like other aquatic animals. However, there is no solid evidence today that can embolden the existence of mermaids that can support the fact that they existed even at that time!

facts about mermaids from Incredible mysteries and legends of the sea

Edward Snow’s true stories that were described in ”Incredible Mysteries And Legends Of The Sea” has enchanting explanations. A sea captain off the coast of Newfoundland claimed and described his encounter with this majestic and beautiful creature in 1614. This is often taken as facts about mermaids and not as a questionable tale at many places in Newfoundland. A captain named John Smith told that he found a mermaid swimming in the sea. She was as beautiful as one can imagine with big eyes and long green hairs. He was so engrossed with her beauty that he began to feel the signs of love with her. Suddenly, on gazing closer he found that this creature is like a fish from the bottom part of her body.


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