The new trend in town : sneakers at weddings -

Saturday 15th of December 2018

The new trend in town : sneakers at weddings

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It seems that sneakers at weddings are the new trend in town. Not that anyone is complaining, but, on the contrary, it is a delight that comfort has replaced torturous sky-high stilettos as far as fashion is concerned. It is a widely accepted fact that no matter how much Carrie Bradshaw from Sex and the City went on and on about her heels and no matter how sexy they make you feel, deep inside those things help you paint a picture of what hell might be like.

The new trend in town : sneakers at weddings

The sneakers at weddings trend was, however, not started by a woman fed up of pinching heels but surprisingly a man who maybe craved comfort or wanted to make a statement. The sneakers at weddings trend made a debut when the husband of the fashion icon Sonam Kapoor, Anand Ahuja sported sneakers at his reception. The social media was quick to make fun out of his choice of footwear and many memes regarding the same surfaced but a new era had begun. The era of sneakers at weddings.

The eyes of the world media were at the wedding and the festivities surrounding it if Ranveer Singh and Deepika Padukone. Deepika dazzles the world at every function but it was her Mumbai reception that inspired this article. The actress stunned us in a beautiful glittering red Zubair Murad gown a pair of matching stilettos that every fashion obsessed girl dreams of owning. Pictures from later in the party, however, show her sporting sneakers as she rocked the dance floor. The sneakers at weddings trend have definitely established its roots.

Sneakers at weddings is a big thing not just because of the fashion statement that they make. They are comfortable and affordable, unlike those freakishly expensive stilettos we see on runways and dream of buying after probably selling a kidney off. It is about putting the comfort of oneself above appearances. It is about confidence in being oneself.

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