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Saturday 15th of December 2018

Top 5 Pubg Mobile streamers on youtube!!

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Pubg Mobile has become a big game and is being played all over India. recently from our country two teams went into the Pubg mobile crew challenge finals. There are  a lot of Pubg mobile streamers on youtube. We have assembled the list of top 5 out of those Pubg mobile streamers on youtube. They have interesting as well as full of learning gameplay. So, let’s begin without any delay.

Top 5 Pubg Mobile streamers on youtube!!

(5) Dynamo Gaming

although it is not healthy for body and mind, this youtuber and the 15th ranked asian on Pubg mobile streamers on youtube continuously with breaks throughout the day. He goes for a lunch break, but except for that whenever you will open your mobile or p.c. you will find him online. He is in the Hydra clan and is one of the best pubg mobile players. He is a very good sniper and you can learn a trick or two from him watching his stream.

(4) Carry is Live

although carry Minati doesn’t play Pubg that well, his other teammates do so. His teammates gunshot, Gareeboo and daddy are very fine players. you will see them finishing any team coming their way. although Ajay still has to work a lot on his game, you ca learn a little sniping from him. He very efficiently hits sniping shots while the opponent is running. You will easily see 40-50k people seeing his stream. He streams during the witching hour i.e. 10pm – 1 am.

(3) Mortal

Mortal is a 23 year old fellow who recently changed from a Mini Militia pro to becoming a pubg Mobile pro. he is the 3rd ranking Pubg mobile streamers on youtube all over Asia. Earlier he used to upload only videos. Now, he has even started streaming but he does so for only 2-3 hours per day. the hours are also not fixed so keep him subscribed. He is a solo player, although he plays with his teammates from Soul clan. he can completely kill full squads on his own.

(2) Cosmic youtube

Cosmic is also a pretty good Pubg mobile streamers on youtube. He plays with different players everyday and has his own good fan following. You can watch him stream in the night from 9 pm onwards.

(1) The Rawknee Games

The Rawknee games is the best Pubg mobile streamers on youtube in the world. He plays solo. He snipes pretty well. he is very good at finding snakes and campers. The best thing is you will enjoy the most in his stream. He makes awesome jokes and is also officially the voice in the Pubg Mobile Hindi channel which streams the star challenge.


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