Pubg Mobile Star Challenge Global Finals : Results!!

Tuesday 22nd of January 2019

Pubg Mobile Star Challenge Global Finals : Results!!

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The Pubg Mobile Star Challenge was an interesting event would be an understatement. It was a blockbuster event if you are a Pubg fan. The Global finals involved 20 teams who qualified in the first round, semifinals, then the regional finals and then came to the Pubg Mobile Star Challenge Global Finals. Thus, one thing you can say for sure is that  only the best players played in the finals.

On the first day of the Global Finals it was the team CPT(Comfortable Penguins) who stole the first place. They almost always survived till the end and in one match even stole the victory.

The second day of the Star Challenge was the day of the Team RRQ Athena. The last match of Day one was won by them and the first 3 main matches of the 2nd day were won by them too. It made 3 victories in their side.

They performed the same like that on the third day too and won the contest. CPT who were the champions on Day one came 2nd in the tournament. LH Dohyou came 3rd in the tournament.

As a price RRQ  got 200000$ dollars to themselves. CPT got 100000$ and LH Dohyou got 50000$ themselves. Also the winner of each exhibition match got the Samsung Galaxy Note 9. The teams who participated, everyone got some cash price. None of the teams left empty handed which is a good sporting spirit and good hostman ship by the tournanment creators.

The most important thing they won is the hearts of many people with their performance. They have also won recognition for their awesome showcase of skills. Truly, no other person or team has greater sniping or shooting akills than RRQ or otherwise they can prove.

Pubg Mobile is going to host tournaments on a regular basis from now on, so be aware and participate and you might not know, you get selected in the tournament.


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