Pewdiepie Vs T-Series : Pewdiepie breaks yet another record on youtube

Tuesday 22nd of January 2019

Pewdiepie Vs T-Series : Pewdiepie breaks yet another record on youtube and he has T-Series to thank for it!

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Pewdiepie Vs T-Series is a rivalry which is known by all youngsters nowadays! There are so many livestreams happening just to show the subscriber difference between T-Series and Pewdiepie. At one point T-Series was only 15K subs below Pewdiepie. Then something happened and the difference became 1.5 million. Currently T-Series is 800k subs below Pewdiepie.

Pewdiepie Vs T-Series : Pewdiepie breaks yet another record on youtube and he has T-Series to thank

Pewdiepie has broken yet another record and he has T-Series to thank for it. In the year 2017 Pewdiepie’s channel was getting like 2 million views per video and his subscribers were increasing at a low pace. In the beginning of 2018 and till the end of 3rd quarter he had below 60 million subscribers. After it came to view that T-Series is going to dethrone Pewdiepie, many youtubers came together to save Pewdiepie which in result led to Pewdiepie getting subscribers at a really high rate. His subs increased so rapidly that by the end of 2018 he had nearly 80 million subscribers. Yesterday, Peediepie successfully completed 80 million subs and has become the first youtuber on the planet to do so!

Pewdiepie Vs T-Series

Pewdiepie Vs T-Series : On being asked about the rivalry with T-Series he has said that it doesn’t affect him. He has said that there will come a day when he is going to lose and he is ready for it. He is a single content creator and T-Series is a company which provides them with much more advantage.

But nonetheless, the rivalry with T-Series has brought Pewdiepie to the 80 million mark he thought he would get till 2020. He achieved it in the beginning of 2019.

According to SocialBlade, a company that tracks social media analytics, PewDiePie’s subscriber gains exploded in the months following the T-Series video. PewDiePie went from gaining more than 855,000 subscribers in the month before the video to securing nearly 2.2 million new subscribers in the month after. Last month alone, PewDiePie’s channel grew by more than 6.2 million subscribers.

Well, Pewdiepie Vs T-Series will be interesting to see when T-Series dethrone Pewdiepie or will they never be able to do so!!

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