Mulk Is The Rare And Amazing Piece Of Cinema

Saturday 15th of December 2018

Mulk Is The Rare And Amazing Piece Of Cinema

This impactful movie Mulk is going to get you in deep thimking and will surely correct your religious bias.

The trailer of the movie clearly signaled that this is going to be a mediocre flick but the movie has transcended all the expectations. This impactful movie ‘Mulk’ is set in Banaras which is an absolutely a Hindu dominated city. A man named ‘Muraad Ali Muhammad’ who is a lawyer by profession resides in the city with his wife ‘Tabassum’ played by Nina Gupta, his brother Belal, His sister in law ‘choti Tabassum’. Belal has two kids named Aayat and Shahid. Everything is good and happy in the flick until Shahid becomes a brainwashed terrorist. This wrecks havoc in the family and everyone’s world just turns upside down. The role of Shahid is played by Prateek Babbar so effectively that you will forget that he is a character on-screen in this impactful movie Mulk. The matter of Shahid gets over soon but the real problem with the family starts after this.
impactful movie Mulk is important for every India

From here the movie steeps in uncomfortable reality which is difficult to watch. One of the most impactful scenes in this impactful movie Mulk is when we see Hindus going to Muslim’s house but avoid eating in Muslim’s food. This underlines the harsh reality and some hypocrisy that still exists in our country. Director Anubhav Sinha has really worked diligently on weaving scenes of this movie which is visible throughout in the flick. After every few minutes, something happens in this impactful move Mulk which has kept the audience fully engaged and attentive. You would not find a second to let your attention waver.

every Indian should watch this impactful movie Mulk

The movie becomes a thought-provoking courtroom drama after the interval but still holds the feel and atmospherics of what all had yet happened in the story. The dialogues are so genuine that you would not be able to hold back your tears. Tapsee Pannu and Rishi Kapoor are in the lead roles but this impactful movie Mulk did not ignore even one of its character. This is one of the biggest reasons why the flick is so compelling and thought-provoking. Prachi Shah as Shahid’s mother has displayed her acting skills in the emotional scene so beautiful that her small character steals the light for some time from the entire impactful movie Mulk. After her diligence failed in Soorma, Tapsee Pannu proved that her hard work can light up the screen with this movie. She looks the part and delivers her lines with utmost perfection. Vertika Singh as Ayat, Manoj Pahwa as Belal, each character has contributed fully to make this movie as heart-touching as it could get. Do not miss this amazing piece of cinema at any rate.

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