iDiva Is Famous Because Of Her: Kusha Kapila AKA Billi Maasi

Saturday 15th of December 2018

iDiva Is Famous Because Of Her: Kusha Kapila AKA Billi Maasi

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iDiva is a famous platform which is giving us lots of funny videos. It is one of the most loved channels on social media and people demand it more and more. What stands out in the characters is the ‘Billi Maasi’ girl Kusha Kapila. She imitates a high profile woman from South Delhi so well that people are not having enough of this character lately. Kusha Palli today stands as one of the most known and popular social media sensations today. Her other character which makes people ROFL is ‘Naina’ and ‘west Delhi DJ girl’.

Kusha Kapila iDiva is famous

Recently, she has started posting her new videos of ‘Zaalim’ aunty where she imitates herself as a ‘colony wali gossiping aunty’. Fans are going crazy with her new introduction. In real life, she is a real Diva. Some of her Instagram posts are so sensational that they have caused an uproar. She has even collaborated with Veere Di Wedding team. Kusha Kapila has substantial Instagram followers and she keeps experimenting with new characters. All of them are entertaining than the other for sure and that is why iDiva is famous at such a high level!

iDiva is famous with Billi mausi

Moreover, there are some characters in iDiva videos which never appeared but all the fans know them.  The most popular ones are Guru Ma, Coco Bhaiya and Sunita. These videos are really funny and so captivating that they have made people addictive of them. These girls have really high potential and they have made their platform so famous that even big stars approach them for their movie promotions. Collaborating with iDiva has really benefited Veere Di Wedding. One can very well imagine what a massive amount of impact social media has on people. The bottom line is that iDiva is famous at a level that is really impressive. So, what are you waiting for? Go to their YouTube page and subscribe.


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