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Saturday 15th of December 2018

Humour versus offence: Should offensive jokes be banned?

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Today’s society has taken a sharp turn towards the goal post of political correctness. In such a world, humour; sometimes harmless, sometimes not; has been put into jeopardy. People in today’s world are running for safe spaces where they won’t be said things that can offend them easily. This is where the question of humour versus offence enters the fray. How far can you go with your jokes? Where should you stop? What can and won’t offend a person? All these questions are quite important in today’s day and age.

Humour versus offence

We must first understand and address the meaning of humour. People are offended by cultural, ethnic and rape jokes. These people do not understand humour. They consider humour to be a thing of joy or happiness. This analogy of theirs comes from a childish procedural connection making or dot-linking analytical capability. The said people think that humour incites laughter, laughter makes us happy and thus, humour is all about happiness.

Humour versus offence : What is missed by these people is the fact that a lot of times humour finds its source in dark and morbid reality. If the jokes are properly analysed and examined, if the exaggerations are looked at and required attention is given to the mechanics of the joke, it can be found that a lot of jokes have their genesis in pain and suffering. And laughter is not a matter of trivial happiness. It is a great transcendental tool that can take something bitter and difficult to comprehend or deal with and make it something funny or easily approachable. Jokes about a certain culture or race are not meant to trivialize the history of that culture. It is derived from that pain and is a way to subtly overcome as well as spread awareness of that pain.

Humour takes a dark subject matter and helps us transcend it and view the absurdity of the human condition and that is important. Thus, in this fight of humour versus offence, humour would always win.  What do you think?


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