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Saturday 15th of December 2018

Cartoons that defined our childhood in the 21st Century

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Cartoons, Those colourful characters that we were once obsessed with. We learnt a lot from cartoons (however weird that sounds), these characters were our friends. There were some cartoons that defined our childhood. Growing up, these were the only characters that mattered to us and then we grew up and were obsessed by movies, series and bands. To give a tribute to the cartoons that defined our childhood, we bring to a list of such cartoons:

Cartoons that defined our childhood

  1. Noddy– Noddy was based on a book series written by Enid Blyton. That is enough to make sure that it was some good script and not just jolly characters. Noddy is one of those cartoons that defined our childhood. The adventures of Noddy a jolly boy who drives his toy taxi in toy town, the lovable wizard Bigears who provided us with wisdom, Mr. Plod the policeman in charge of you town, Mr. Sparks the mechanic, Diana the pretty girl who kept a stall that sold everything, the evil goblins Sly and Gobbo and many more characters are what made us fall in love with this series and taught us about evil and good.
  2. Shinchan– The naughty kid who wrecked havoc in the lives of elders but had a good heart ensured that our childhood was full of laughter and that we were never short of pranks to play on our adults. Some of our parents might have not liked us watching this cartoon but then again who could have pulled us away from Shinchan and his antics.
  3. Oswald– The story of an octopus called Oswald, his pet dog, his best friends Henry the penguin and Daisy the sunflower is what makes it one of the cartoons that defined our childhood. It was not only this crazy mix of animal characters that pulled us towards this cartoon but the vibrant crazy stories as well. The characters were extremely polite and that made sure that our mothers never had a problem with this series. After all who can forget  Oswald’s “please Madam Butterfly” and “thank you Madam Butterfly”.


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